About Coach FR

“Coach FR, with over two decades of expertise in leadership and organizational development, stands as a transformative figure, blending seasoned coaching skills with real-world leadership experience to empower business leaders and foster enduring success.”

Engaging with Fauzi Rachmanto, affectionately known as Coach FR, is an extraordinary experience in the world of leadership. More than just a leadership coach, Coach FR is also a skilled leader. This comes as no surprise, given that he has dedicated over 20 years to the fields of organizational development and leadership.

Currently, Coach FR serves as the Master Learning Facilitator at Kandela Learning, where he brings his expertise and experience in leadership to small and medium business owners and leaders. His ability to provide inspiring training that yields tangible results sets Coach FR apart.

In addition to his role at Kandela Learning, Coach FR has been the Director and Co-Founder of Kubik Coaching since 2015. Through Kubik Coaching, he has successfully guided business leaders from national corporations, multinational companies, and state-owned enterprises to higher levels of leadership and to overcome complex business challenges.

Coach FR’s experience also includes founding the System Design Group Indonesia in 2002, showcasing his strong commitment to incorporating information technology in organizational change. As a leader, he has led teams in various companies, including as Deputy Senior Manager at a government agency, and Business Unit Manager at a multinational company.

Convergence of Experience and Expertise

A member of the International Coach Federation, Coach FR holds several important certifications in the coaching world, including Certified Competent Coach from Global Coach Trust and Certified Agile Coach from ICP – ACC. He is also a Certified Master Instructor from BNSP.

Beyond his professional success, Coach FR is an author who has inspired many through his books, “Eat Your Own Dog Food” (2009) and “Corporate Heroes” co-authored with fellow coaches at Kubik Coaching (2015).

Leadership Excellence and Transformative Impact

Fauzi Rachmanto is a dedicated leader, a talented coach, and an individual who continually strives to bring positive change in business and society. Working with Coach FR, you will immediately and in the long term feel the positive impact on your leadership development and business success.

Start your leadership journey with Coach FR.

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